My First blog post

Hello WordPress bloggers !

Today you are getting another member on this vast community.

Thanks for adopting 😉

So this is me finally here. I was very much keen to join this community  as I love to read from people as well as to share my thoughts through words. I believe words express more than any else media.

Life has got different hues and I love to explore it. It teaches everyone some lessons, some inspirations. We all are the children of mother Earth and we all should strive to make it a better place in whatever way we can. If I succeed in moving at least one person’s thoughts through my post or through sharing my own experiences, it will be worth my effort.

I think I am just going to write by my heart and not just with my mind. Ready to help out people and to learn more and more. Your suggestions and appreciations will always be welcome.

My fingers just can’t wait to get started!

Thanks & Keep loving and showering your blessings 🙂







Love YOUrself

What you think of yourself is much more important than what others think of you.

Loving others is easy. Loving you is hard.We can be our own worst critics. Its hard sometimes to look in mirror and see good in yourself. In order to achieve greatness know that you are considering your life. Its impossible to try and achieve your goals if you continue to do what your society says. Making a list of things you like about yourself and the one’s you don’t. Begin to invoice the things you don’t love.Don’t ever try to find validation in others, try to find in yourself.

When loving yourself your fear of influence may change. People in your circle will voluntarily contribute to your demands. Get rid of people who are cluttering your life with uncertainty, besides give space to people who are useful, caring and contribute to your well being. You only need people around you who help you grow. Sometimes you have to cut people out of life not because you don’t love them but because loving them stops you from loving you. Let it go. Those people who have hurt you have already moved on while you are still clutched with it.

Yes because what they did was painful and you have every right to be upset. The pain is not stopping them,they are only stopping you. Thet person is not worth having you nor are they worth of your losing your piece of mind.

Let it go! GROW.

Learn to love yourself first. Instead of loving the idea of other people loving you

– John Spence

The choice is yours. Whether you want to try and continue upto societal standards or you love yourself so much that you don’t care about people who don’t know your worth. Love yourself as much as you want to be loved.

We pay so much attention to people in our lives, our family, friends, colleagues. We think our life is completely dependent on them. But no, your life is completely dependent on you, you take yourself where you want to go. The most important thing in life to work on is YOU.



The main launching room of the research centre was all prepared.Everyone’s eyes in the room was glued to the computer screens. Every parts and details of the rocket was minutely examined and absolutely ready for the day. All looked perfect and ok. 

His shoulder was heavy with responsibilties, not beause of his fear to lose but because of the hopes his countrymen had with him and this programme. He was the Project head so he had to do it, and he pressed the OK button to launch the rocket. 

Suddenly the main computer system beeped and it alarmed that the rocket may collapse after completing its third stage. But he was confident that everything is ok its just the fault of computer system. His whole experience and the gut feeling was saying all is well with the rocket system. The sign of nervousness can be figured out on his head, but,he finally pressed the OK button and launched it. 

To everbody’s shock, the launch failed and the rocket collapsed after its third stage. All hopes broke down and the whole country was in a disappointing state. Media persons were ready to throw questions on the team. Here came the team leader,the director of the programme.He stopped the Project head scientist from attending Press conference and came forward to take all the respinsibilities of the failure. He attended the conference and anwered all the question very bravely fired at him. He replied it was under his supervision that the launch failed and so he is ready to take all the responsibilities.

Next year again the programme was to be done and the launch was to take place. The respected scientist again took the charge,this time he cannot let down the hopes of people,he promised to himself. And the rocket was successfully fired. The programme was a big successful and it was a glorious moment for the entire country. It was a proud and historic moment for him and his countrymen in the entire world.

On this grand day-the leader of the programme i.e; the director, send the Project head scientist for attending the press conference. He had tears in his eyes after seeing the responsibiltiy and sacrifice of his leader.

Such is the quality of  Exceptional  leaders.

A leader is the one who has an exceptional quality to lead people. He comes in front to face all the challenges and gives all the credits to followers in achievements and success.

P.C. –

A big salute to all the exceptional leaders working for the good cause in the universe.

Keep smiling 🙂

Dream,Believe and Achieve

People come and people go, a person without having any dream has no goals no plans in his life. No dreams-no struggle-no success. Its just like existing on earth, eating-sleeping.

Believe in yourself , you have miles to go, you cannot just change your destiny but others too. Dream big and dare to fail. Even if you dared to dream something that means you are different from others and may be above them who failed to even dream.

Think Positive:

Like attracts like. If we think good there is always positive vibes surrounding us.

If we always think negative things, there is pain agony revenge like negative energy around us making our days gloomy, making us a person that we are not and that we don’t wish. 

The day you start dreaming of great things, it start attracting to yourself. It may take less time for few and more time for others to get there. Imagine yourself to be the person of your dreams and surely you will be at that place after sometime.When you will start living your dreams it will come to you walking.

Having patienc while waiting is indeed an art, an art for a happy and succesful life, an art to achieve your dreams. But just dreaming over and thinking and imagining will not work unless you start it by your action. To achieve your dreams you will have to work hard and here we have no shorcuts. 

And i cannot just stop myself from writing my favourite quote:

Dreams are not that we see in sleep

They are the things that don’t let you sleep.

   – Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam

Enjoy dreaming!

Journey and Destination

We all want to go home

Home where our soul resides.

Leaving the office cabin, rushing to the streets 

With a briefcase hanging on shoulder,carefree of the stuffs messed up inside it.

We want to take the shortcut routes,

to reach home as fast as possible.

We just don’t care about the journey,

thinking about reaching home and smiling.

We don’t want to see the happy flowers queued up beside, wishing for our safe journey.

We even ignore the lamp posts that have started glowing now, showing us the way in a Fashionable manner. 

The smoky essence of evening just remind us of our home.

We don’t want to change routes.
Finally the original we reach the Home 

Now we start recalling the journey that we ignored.

Was that something already that would have given us ‘joy’.

Our Elastic mind is very good at rebouncing our thoughts.

We reached home ‘our destination’ but we missed to enjoy the journey.