‘A Touch’

Do every woman needs a man’s touch?, asked someone to Bhavna Singh, a relationship expert.

There was a different kind of calm on her face, as if thousands of thoughts were flashing over her mind.

Bhavna then cited a short excerpt from her life-

” I was a regular traveller of public transport.  My home from my office in those days was about 20km. In the journey I used to interact with different kind of people. If you have to sit for hours and that too if you are a lady you can’t resist talking to the person sitting adjacent.”

“It was a fine sunny day when I was on my usual journey to the office. I picked a bus and sat near a lady who was in her 60s I guess. She looked so simple with a kind of calmness on her face.  After few minutes the bus conductor asked me the fare, as I found I missed change money back home,so asked the lady for a change of Rs.500. She nodded with smile and give me the same. 

When the conductor moved on, our conversation started slowly. I came to know that her husband died when she was in her 30s leaving behind him the responsibility of 3 children and his father.

I was keen to know more.

“How are your children doing? They must be a very proud children and would be loving you the most, I enquired further in a hope of making her smile.”

She told me that she looks after every need of them, works at office,works at home,her routine changes with the routine of her family. She lived every second of her life to them. Years passed on like this, children became older and settled in their career. But now they treat like I am a housemaid for them. What i did was just my responsibility and nothing else more.”

My body became cold. I stretched my hands and hugged the lady.

Tears rolled down her chicks when I hugged her.

She said: Nobody has touched me for years. 

This made me realise how much she was in need of a warm and loving touch.

She was not wishing for a man’s touch, what she wished was just ‘Human being’s touch‘.

Peeping into the past

there was a time when half of the class was seen wandering around the washroom area…!!

so it was English class period :/

Whether you have completed your homework or not you are bound to fall prey of our English tutor ..she would ask such questions nobobody can escape getting webbed.

But among all the other things the most important was the ‘Quality Education’!..Yes you read it pretty right..’Quality education’ the word is found usually lost in the dictionary of Schools of nowadays…During those days the students had immense respect for their teachers, and why not,the teachers too were deserving the taught not just for money but out of their passion which enabled them to impart not just good knowledge but values too.

The classroom though was a little pale and the benches often broken, but the feel and excitement for learning something new never let them notice such things pretty much..

Their was either one or none uniform..but even the duskiness of their uniform could not veil the spark in their eyes..

So lets see where we have come today..

Oh! the bags full of expensive publication books, so sorry but teachers even fail to impart just good quality education..

the solefocus is on rote learning neither on understanding nor on creativity..

Oh !the fashionable different unifomrs for separate days, the luxurious classrooms nd playgrounds; only looks bright from outside..

so sorry! they even fail to generate the virtue of respect and discipline among the kids and teens..

Dear Private school institutions you are not doing anything to do justice with the future of students..not concerned about improving the quality of education..not concerned about bringing the creativity out of them..What you are more bothered is to increase the pressure on the pockets of parents and do things in fashion to stand out in crowd…

This generation has a lot of potential, the need is to just harness it… 🙂