Down the memory lane

Everyday evereywhere seeing the immense love care and affection showered by mom’s of their children makes me wonder the greatness of her. 

It has been ten years down the lane and i still remember the words of one of my school teacher, actually she was a visiting faculty for us and i remember she said -fight for your lunch items with your mom but do study well. While she said this my mind just striked- “should i ask my granny to make something and if she don’t should i fight?” What my teacher said was right but no..not for me and i consoled myself its ok to get satisfied with a plain bread bhaaji,even i needed to console myself with a no lunchbox day many a times. Because i can’t fight her. I was overwhelmed with even that care and kindness which she has showered on me.  After few years i stopped to take lunchbox. Well i managed to manage my hunger anyhow by that time. Anyway the time has passed but i still remember and smirk at those lines which my teacher made.

And then comes a time when i joined a coaching institute for some competitive exam preparation and there i need to go 7 am and it took almost 10-11 hours for me to return home. So again i needed a lunchbox. Waking up early morning and making something anyhow for lunch used to be the mission. As I was having digestion disorder so doctor had prescribed me only home-made food. 

In the break time me and one of my classmate used to eat together and his lunchbox had lots of items unlike mine. He asked me why not you bring more items- I just smiled and said in my mind because probably i don’t have someone to pamper . Pamper,  which many a times i need.   Pamper whose deprivation sometimes make me feel miserable and vulnerable.

Yes it is true that over pampering has its negative impact but a child feels safe and he has the courage to do anything in his life if he has a feel of support behind him, he is ready to face any challenge because he knows there is a hand to hold always when he will fall.

Usually i am very reserved at sharing my own story but today i don’t know what made me  Tentative to publish it.

Happy blogging 🙂


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