Found something!

craft made by Me

Today i found this small piece of artefact in my old almirah while I was searching for some of my papers. 

In childhood i liked doing artistic and craft things but with the passage of time i have nearly stopped doing it.

But thanks to WordPress that i again find myself close to innovative and artistic things. I am a newbie here and when i joined it one plus month back i had no idea about things going here. I had just heard that its a blogging platform where people write their blogs on whatever topic that interests them. But coming here and going through blogs of authors living from around the world i regret of coming here so late, but now when i am here i just love it because its better late than never. Recently I saw few artists paintings and crafts on their blog and an artist perhaps inside me have started to give a push.

Searching for an important official document in old almirah tomorrow, suddenly a piece of craft fall over me. Astonished me looking at it-A Black and White checkered small mat resembling a chess board made of nylon lace;it was made by me when i was in 8th standard in school in 2008 in the month of September only.

Is this just a  Coincidence or some force shaking my inner soul to wake a sleeping artist in me ?
Thanks for reading!
© 2017 Tina Sharma


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